Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving on from Self-Publishing

  • So, you have self-published a book and are waiting for that big publisher to spot you? IT WON'T HAPPEN OVER NIGHT, SORRY.
  • You need to build yourself.

  • Very, very, very rarely does one book of fiction work the magic for you. It may take six or seven. So, if you fall at the first hurdle, get up and tackle the next one.

  • Each book will be a personal growth for you, and a massive step towards the career you seek. 

  • With each book your following will grow as new people discover you and tell others about you. A one book pony is a non starter in the race, it will gallop a little of the course, but without stable mates that's it. Where does a reader go next if they have nothing more to look forward to from you? On to the next stable of an author that they enjoy just as much but can keep their hunger fed. It took five books for me to reach my winning post.

  • Number one galloped for a few paces, but number two galloped further, and brought up number one to its level, and so the process had begun, number five, won me a seven book publishing contract with Pan Macmillan, two new ones and my five back list. 

  • That is now complete and I have a new two book deal. So saddle up write down that tittle and start on your next novel. This is vital, you MUST move on to the next as the next will be your most valuable tool in promoting your first.

  • And your other valuable tool is to promote. Get and keep your name out there at all times, twitter, facebook, facebook ads, join writing groups on line, blog, you do it all, and do it for each and every book and don't stop doing it. 

For me the promoting has been the most rewarding, not just in furthering my success, but mostly because it has brought me contact with readers, who are now my friends and have enriched my life, something money and success cannot buy. But the one came in my quest for the other - the success bit anyway, which is the most important thing that I wish for my writing. 

  • Good luck, you can do it. I'm betting on you for the biggest race of the season. 

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