Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Set in 1939 – 1959, this is a story of passion and love that is sometimes forbidden and sometimes driven by fear as the world faces many changes brought on by war. 

Megan and Jack have found stability in their lives, but the threat of Megan’s schizophrenic son Billy, still casts a shadow over them. His release is imminent and for Sarah, Jack’s daughter, this opens up a fate she cannot fight. With her love and respect for Billy eroded over the years as she came to realise he has an evil core, Sarah now lives in fear of him and what he will do if she refuses him. Forsaking her true love, she marries Billy in an attempt to protect those who are very dear to her, but love and hate will out and the consequences are devastating 

Those consequences are compounded by the incestuous love between twins Theresa and Terrence Crompton and their taking of all they need from whatever source they please. But, revenge is sweet for some, even if it eventually unearths a secret that will shake the very roots of the rich of Breckton and tie Jack’s life forever to those who have caused him heartache.

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